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2005 - 2008

"Art nouveau and society", 2005-2008

As the result of the extremely positive outcome of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network’s second phase of activities, the members wished to continue to work together in a new phase entitled "Art nouveau and society". The objective is to demonstrate the modernity of Art Nouveau in terms of unity and diversity.  

The following are the main activities of this phase:

- Art nouveau and society
multimedia installation
May 2008

A film uniting all of the partner cities and demonstrating the origins and the historical, sociological, and economical context during Art Nouveau’s simultaneous emergence around Europe. The film will be simultaneously presented in different cities that are members of the Network. It is expected in Nancy in October 2008.

- Six conferences:
Length: one day
Free admission

International Exhibitions and World Fairs,
Brussels (Belgium), October 2005

National Identity and International trends
Ljubljana (Slovakia), March 2006

Decoration in Art Nouveau
Riga (Lithuania), October 2006

Urban Quality
Varèse (Italie), May 2007

Art Nouveau Patrons
Nancy (France), October 19 2007

Health in Body and Mind 
Bad Nauheim (Germany), May 2008

The actions and illustrations of these conferences are available on the Reseau Art Nouveau Network web site

- Other actions, targeted to the young public and to teachers are also organized by the Network. The web site offers free downloads of all the publications published by the Network.