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Art nouveau and Ecology

In a time of sustainable development and enviromental awareness, Nature, the main source of inspiration in Art nouveau, remains a most concerning topic. The Réseau Art nouveau Network's fourth European project, Art nouveau and Ecology, explores the specific connexion between Art nouveau heritage and nature.

International Symposium The Perception of Art nouveau
Brussels, December 2010

This symposium offered an historical review of Art nouveau since its boom between the 1880s and the 1920s, a movement that gathered both admirers and detractors. This fact is confirmed by texts and cartoons, by artists and modern intellectuals rediscovering it, as well as by its current economic and touristic evaluation.

Exhibition Natures of Art nouveau
Itinerant exhibition - Nancy, december 2013 - April 2014

The exhibition encourages visitors from all over Europe to an interactive discovery of Art nouveau and its relation with nature. Detailing the various stages of production, from raw or natural states (wood, glass, stone, ...) to the detailed object, the exhibition uses uncommon sensitive and tactile dimensions...

Historical Labs

Terrassa, June 2010
Barcelona, June 2011
Milan, November 2011
Aveiro, January 2013
Riga, Septembre 2014

Multilateral and bilateral exchanges

The co-organizers and professional colleagues from across Europe are able to share personal experiences and best pratice on a number of key topics through a series of meetings and technical seminars.

Educational books and on line activities

Educational tools reiterate the important role played by nature , environment and the use of raw materials in the development of european Art nouveau. 

The project Art nouveau and Ecology is supported by the European Commission's 2007-2013 Culture Programme