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Alphonse CYTERE
Tauves 1861 - Rambervillers 1941
Engineer, Managing Director of the Société Anonyme des Produits Céramiques de Rambervillers (S.A.P.C.R.)

Jules Cayette, Grasshoper plant box, 1906 Awarded in a contest organized by the S.A.P.C.R.

In 1891, the engineer Alphonse Cytère became the managing director of the S.A.P.C.R., a company that manufactured glazed sewage piping. In 1903, he set up an art studio within the company and started producing works (vases, decorative objects, architectural elements) designed by numerous Ecole de Nancy artists, including Jacques Gruber, Eugène Vallin, Ernest Bussière, Louis Majorelle, Pierre-Roger Claudin, and René Jeandelle. These objects, in flambé stoneware, could be ordered from catalogues and were regularly shown at the Société Lorraine des Amis des Arts salons and Ecole de Nancy expositions.

Although Alphonse Cytère was not a member of the Ecole de Nancy Board of Management, he adhered to its principles and contributed to its educational activities, most notably in the creation of an Ecole de Nancy contest in 1906 for young Nancy artists, whose works were subsequently produced and sold by the S.A.P.C.R. 

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