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C. Martin

Camille Martin byMathias Schiff, plaster, Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy Camille MARTIN
Nancy 1861 - Nancy 1898
Painter, decorator

Camille Martin, Decorative Art Exhibition poster, Nancy 1894 Musée de L'Ecole de Nancy © Musée de L'Ecole de Nancy, cliché Claude Philippot Les Bouleaux, burned wood panels 1891, Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy Bookbinding for Japanese art, 1893, in collaboration with René Wiener, Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy

A gifted student at the Nancy Design School, Camille Martin won the Prix Jacquot in 1881, a prize which allowed him to continue his studies at the Paris Ecole des Arts Décoratifs.

The arrival of Takashima Hokkai in Nancy in 1885 introduces Camille Martin’s artwork to the Far East. The subjects of his paintings become oriented towards landscapes, specifically of the Vosges, which earns him the title of “fir-tree artist.” Camille Martin also works in several decorative art techniques including enamel, ceramics, leather, and burnt wood. He creates scale models of monuments and decorative screens. As a draftsman, he provides monogram designs, ex-libris, illustrated letters, review covers, and posters (such as the one for the 1894 decorative art exhibition at the Poirel Galleries that was organized by the architect Charles André and united the future Ecole de Nancy artists).

Martin also collaborated on several occasions with other Ecole de Nancy artists. He designed with Emile Friant a furniture set for Louis Majorelle and created for the goldsmith Kauffer a punch bowl offered to the admiral Avellan and to Russian battleship officers who visited Nancy in 1893. The same year, along with Victor Prouvé and René Wiener, he revolutionized the art of bookbinding at the Parisian Champ-de-Mars Salon. It was at this exhibition that the Ecole de Nancy receives for the first time national and international recognition.

The premature death of Camille Martin as well as the dispersal of his workshop left minor examples of his work.



An appeal for contributions : 
The Ecole de Nancy museum wishes to devote an exhibition in 2010 to this unrecognized Ecole de Nancy artist. We are currently searching for any work (paintings, sculpture, leatherwork, bookbindings, ceramic, glass, objects, furniture, and engravings) or information that could enrich our knowledge on Camille Martin. 
We thank those able to help us in our research.

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