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Art Nouveau was a worldwide movement that emerged around 1900. The following are several chronological reference points that situate the Ecole de Nancy in context with the great cultural events of the time related to Art Nouveau.

Paris World Fair, 1889, Emile Gallé's kiosk Decorative Art Exposition in Nancy, 1894, Emile Gallé's stand Paris World Fair, 1900, reconstruction of a glass kiln by Emile Gallé Ecole de Nancy Exposition,  Nancy, 1904, view of Poirel Galleries International Exposition of Eastern France in Nancy 1909, Ecole de Nancy pavilion designed by Eugène Vallin

1889, Paris, World Fair. Emile Gallé: First place (glasswork), Gold medal (ceramics), silver medal (furniture making). Louis Majorelle’s participation (furniture manufacturer). Emile Fraint, gold medal (painting). Victor Prouvé, bronze medal (painting).

1893, Paris. First mention of a Lorrain decorative art school in relation to modern bookbindings created by Victor Prouvé, Camille Martin, and René Wiener.

1894, Nancy, decorative and industrial art exhibition at the Poirel Galleries. First exhibition of the future Ecole de Nancy. More than 70 lorrain artists participated in the exhibition.

1900, Paris, World Fair. About 50 Lorraine artists were rewarded.

1901, Nancy. Official creation of the Ecole de Nancy (Alliance Provinciale des Industries d'Art). Emile Gallé was the first president.

1903, Paris, Marsan Pavilion. The Ecole de Nancy, invited by the Central Union of Decorative Arts, exhibits its work. 

1904, Nancy. Death of Emile Gallé. Opening of the Ecole de Nancy exhibition at the Poirel Galleries.

1909, Nancy, International Exposition of Eastern France. The Ecole de Nancy’s last participation in an exposition.