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E. Goutière-Vernolle

Nancy 1855 - Nancy 1927

Camille Martin, Cover of La Lorraine artiste, 1888

Émile Goutière-Vernolle, although not an artist, played an active role in the Nancy cultural scene. A contemporary of the Ecole de Nancy artists, he shared their same aesthetic and social convictions and worked with them to promote all mediums of Lorrain art, such as decorative art, fine art, music, literature, poetry, and theater.

As a member of numerous committees and associations, he helped found the Université Populaire with Charles Keller, Emile Gallé, Pierre-Emile Nicolas, and Jean Grillon. He also wrote articles for several Nancy reviews and newspapers. Goutière-Vernolle became the director of the Nancy-Artiste review in 1886 (to which he occasionally contributed drawings), and the chief editor of the Art et Industrie review in 1909 and the daily newspaper L’Etoile de l’Est in 1908.

Émile Goutière-Vernolle was a member of the Ecole de Nancy Board of Management since 1901.