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Jean-Baptiste Eugène CORBINJean-Baptiste Eugène CORBIN
Managing director of the Magasins Réunis, art commissioner and collector

Lucien Weissenburger, Magasins Réunis, circa 1906 The Corbin museum installed in the Poirel Galleries, 1936

Son of Antoine Corbin (1835-1901), the founder of Magasins Réunis, Eugène Corbin co-managed the business with his brother-in-law Charles Masson (1858-1929). Attracted to all things modern, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the Ecole de Nancy and became one of its main patrons. When the Magasins Réunis was expanded in 1906, he commissioned the architect Lucien Weissenburger, who had already worked for the family on previous occasions, as well as Louis Majorelle, Jacques Gruber, Victor Prouvé, Alfred Finot, Jules Cayette and Henri Suhner.

Given his interest in the expanding Ecole de Nancy’s name and ideals, Corbin helped set up a number of contests organized by the Ecole de Nancy. In 1909, in collaboration with Emile Goutière-Vernolle, he found the review Art et Industrie.

Furthermore, he donated his collection of Ecole de Nancy artwork, composed of more than 600 pieces, to the City of Nancy in 1935. The collection was first displayed in the Poirel Galleries and in 1964 was transferred to the present Ecole de Nancy Museum on Rue Sergent Blandan, Eugène Corbin’s former residence.

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