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The garden of Bérénice

Nature as decoration for the modern city

A walking tour in the neighborhood surrounding Sainte Marie Park and departing from the Ecole de Nancy Museum. The city yields to nature and opens itself to a range of new landscaped gardens. Except for two large avenues that lead towards the Vosges, the streets are lined with houses and small gardens that give the neighborhood its residential and picturesque character. The Ecole de Nancy is present everywhere: the museum, the names of Prouvé, Gallé or the horticulturist Lemoine, André’s villas, and above all in the tasteful color and flowery décor expressed in even the smallest detail on every building, even the most modest.

plan du parcours 

The walk lasts about 45 minutes.
Can be extended towards Gallé's business buildings, rue de la Garenne, and the Saurupt Art Nouveau district.