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L. Weissenburger

Nancy 1860 - Nancy 1929

Lucien Weissenburger, villa Bergeret, 24 rue Lionnois à  1904 Lucien Weissenburger, villa Lang, 1 boulevard Clémenceau in 1906 Lucien Weissenburger, Magasins Réunis, circa 1906

Lucien Weissenburger studied at the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the studio of Jules André and Victor Laloux. He returned to Nancy in 1888 and became the municipal architect of Lunéville, in which he designed the theatre. He collaborated since 1900 with Henri Sauvage in the construction of the Louis Majorelle's villa, in which he controlled the execution of the plans. His activities are proof of his great eclecticism through his various inspirations (Art Nouveau, regionalism, historical references) and the nature of his commissions (factories, town houses, stores, and Nancy’s first HBM).

He was a member of the Ecole de Nancy Board of Management since 1901.

Some of his mose prestigious creations are still visible in Nancy: Bergeret's villa at 24 rue Lionnois (1904), his own house at Cours Léopold, the Royer Printers on rue de la Salpêtrière, and the hotel-brasserie Excelsior (1910) on which he collaborated with the architect Alexandre Mienville.