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Nancy 1876 - Nancy 1961
Nancy 1880 - Gerbéviller 1955

Joseph et Pierre Mougin, Vase Au gui l'an neuf (New Year Mistletoe), 1902, Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy

After studying at the Nancy Ecole des Beaux-Arts and after completing an apprenticeship under the sculptor Pierron, Joseph Mougin entered the sculptor Barrias’ studio at the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1896. His brother, Pierre, joined him in 1898 and together they worked as ceramists. As their initial attempts in Paris were unsuccessful, the brothers returned to Nancy in 1906. Initially producing their own works, they subsequently called on other artists, including Victor Prouvé (who designed their advertisements), Ernest Whitman (1846 – 1921), and Alfred Finot, to provide them with statuettes and models for vases and decorative objects.

After 1918, Joseph and Pierre Mougin pursued their activities in Lunéville.
Although they were not members of the Ecole de Nancy Board of Management, the two brothers adhered to its aesthetic principles and took part in its exhibitions.

Jacques Peiffer. Mougin Frères. Le désir du feu : Céramiques Art Nouveau des ateliers de Paris et de Nancy 1896-1914. Longwy : Musée Saint-Jean l'Aigle, 1999