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Muller Brothers

Originally from Bitche, the Muller family settles in Meurthe-et-Moselle after the German annexation in 1870. Amongst the 10 Muller brothers, the oldest were trained as glass cutters or engravers at the Saint-Louis crystal glassworks and were employed in 1894 at Emile Gallé’s crystal glassworks in Nancy.

In 1897, the glassworks “Muller Croismare près Nancy” began its production in agreement with the “S.A. des Grandes Verreries de Croismare.” This signing expressed the will of the new crystal glassworks to confirm its alliance with the glassworks in Nancy, despite its exclusion from the artistic group. In fact, in 1901, the Muller glassworks was the only artistic company of the region to not be a member of the Ecole de Nancy association.

Charles Fridrich’s Maison d’Art Lorraine and Eugène Corbin’s Magasins Réunis distributed Muller glass in Nancy as well as in Paris (rue de Turenne) and in a Parisian warehouse located on rue de Paradis and mentioned in an advertisement dating from 1914.

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