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glassware by Émile Gallé

Emile Gallé et le verre
The École de Nancy Museum collection

Emile Gallé, artist, manufacturer and president of the Ecole de Nancy is well known for his glass work. Within that medium, he knew how to acutely express the diverseness of his research and undertakings.

Rich with 458 works, the Gallé glass collection conserved at the Ecole de Nancy Museum is fascinating for several reasons. The quality of the artwork and the extensive diversity of inspiration and techniques make the collection a key reference in understanding the work of glassblowers. 

Furthermore, this collection takes on a strong symbolic character since it was the artist himself who chose the first pieces of the collection in 1904. Successive additions have united glass dinner sets, objets d’art, light fixtures, and drawings dating between 1867, the date of his first personal creations, and 1904, the year of his death  that culminated his formal and decorative experiences.

Description :
Emile Gallé et le verre. La collection du Musée de l’École de Nancy. Paris, Somogy ; Nancy, Musée de l’École de Nancy, 2004
- 221 pages
- 40 pages of text
- 401 examples of Gallé glass or glass sets
- Colored illustrations
- Price : 35 euros 

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